H.E.M. Auto Parts

Everyone wants to spend less but get more. When you are looking for affordability yet do not wish to sacrifice quality, you can trust H.E.M. Auto Parts to deliver both. We are certified by the BBB and have spent over 10 years delivering excellent auto parts and satisfaction to our customers.

Why choose H.E.M. Auto Parts?

  • We offer the best price in town-guaranteed
  • We happily provide cars of all makes, models & years with the parts they need
  • We even sell parts to repair shops that need parts
  • Our online inventory provides you with convenient access to the parts you need
  • We provide all used OEMs Factory stock and brand new after market parts
  • Our clients have nothing but stellar things to say about us

Why pick our auto parts?

If your car is breaking down but you are too scared to bring it into a repair shop to find out how much it will cost to repair it, there is another solution available: affordable new or quality used auto parts.

  • Our Used Parts: Our used auto parts are guaranteed to fit your car. While off-warranty repairs are pricey, you can save money by working with a trusted mechanic to source quality used auto parts. If you are looking at purchasing auto components, savings can run into the thousands of dollars.
  • Our New Parts: We work smart and utilize our host of connections that come from 10 years in this industry, so that purchasing the latest, snazzy car part doesn’t have to break your bank account. If you are a stickler on buying things new, you can find affordable auto parts through us.

For more information about our philosophy at H.E.M. Auto Parts and how we repeatedly deliver the finest auto parts to our customers, contact us today at 614-279-7500 or 877-279-7500!